The ideal approach to dressing for a yacht party

Dubai is a luxurious city and there is no better activity than partying on a luxury yacht. Be it a staff party, an occasion, or a gathering with your friends. You would want to nail your yacht party outfit and overall look

When dressing up for a yacht party, the essential element of your overall look is your footwear. Avoid wearing heels, as most yacht rental companies recommend wearing comfortable shoes when on-board. It’s mainly for safety purposes. While sneakers work just fine, most women either opt to wear fancy flip-flops or sandals, depending on the outfit. Whatever your choice of footwear may be, ensure they are comfortable and light on your feet.


For a yacht party, less is always more. Women could stick to either wearing a flowy dress, a knee-length summer dress, or an off-shoulder maxi dress. You can also opt for a shirt dress paired with your favorite flip flops or sandals for the perfect look. Men, on the other hand, should ditch their suit and go in for light materials such as cotton or linen shirts paired with chino shorts. For long-sleeved shirts, you can roll them up during the day and down at night.


Wear your favorite statement shades or a wide-brimmed hat to glam up and complete your overall appearance. These accessories will not only protect you from the harsh rays of the sun but will also keep you looking suave. Women can also opt to wear a dramatic pair of earrings for a chic look.


If your yacht party is organized during the winter season, you should carry extra clothing or a sweater to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The summer season, on the other hand, would require you to carry your sunscreen and lip balm along to keep sunburns at bay


A yacht party is a great way to enjoy and celebrate a special occasion with your loved ones. That being said, with the appropriate dress code, you won’t have to compromise on comfort and will also look the part in any party. Keep it minimalistic and avoid going overboard. You can save the suits and fancy heavy dresses for the ballroom and other venues.